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Vision & Mission

Through technology and digital visibility our larger vision is to “Empower the Artisans”, so the product would be B2B2C and D2C focussed. We also look forward to create a “World-class Marketplace Ecosystem which would create easy accessibility for the importers and customers to directly reach out to the Artisans themselves.

While breaking all the barriers in between the end importer and the artisan and with no middle men involved, this would benefit the artisan community in a big way.

The Artisan Street would act as a catalyst to provide all the tech support and to build-up the world class ecosystem, to manage all the export, warehousing, logistics, marketing and scaling up Indian Handcrafted Artisanal Products to rest of the world.

This will be a unique marketplace model to promote Indian artisan products in the Global Market under Make in India initiative.

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