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Indian Craft has always held a special place in the history of fashion. However, because of the western influence, the craft was lost somewhere for a good part of history!

Good to know that today’s youth are going back to their roots and celebrating the age-old Indian craft in all its colors, varieties, and vividness. This fashion shift has revived the otherwise long-dead handicraft industry and gave many artists & craftsmen a reason to utilize the knowledge & skills that have been passed down to them by the generations before.
The Artizan Street is our effort to turn this shift into a movement and help people — not only in India but across the world — understand the real essence of the Indian craft by bringing them the finest of products.
We not only bring the age-old crafts to the limelight but also the story of the hands that have created them. This way people can not only relate to it but also appreciate & savor the delightful treasures of Indian Craft.
— Gauri Awasthi
(Founder & CEO, ARTZN)
Indian Craft takes many forms — it’s colorful, playful, detailed, vivid, luxurious, laid-back, and what not!
There’s something about the hands that make these crafting marvels possible. Whether you call it skills, passion, the eye for details, or the knowledge that has been passed down to them.
Let us take you on this amazing journey of exploring the different aspects of our traditional craft and introduce you to the stories of the craft & craftsmen behind them.
So stay tuned because you don’t wanna miss any moment of it!
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